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PREDATOR! Phoenix  

A new concept in scrum machine design. 
Only... When you trade in your old roller Rhino. 


Old, under utilised, possibly unsafe machine 
Inadequate stability for adult teams 
Difficult to manoeuvre 
Difficult to adjust pad widths for different ages 
Difficult to adjust pad heights 
Difficult to adjust bungee resistances 
Soggy saturated pads 
Difficult to keep properly maintained 


Modern, user-friendly machine 
Long wheel base for improved stability 
Steering tiller for improved manoeuvrability 
Three, easily adjusted pad width settings 
Easy to operate pad height winders 
Open frame for easy access 
Rot-proof, closed cell pads 
Grease nipples on all moving parts 
The Phoenix is fitted with three selected used rollers, pressure tested, grit-blasted & resprayed as new. All other components: frame, bearings, pads, pushers, winders, brakes, bungees etc, are brand new. Mounted on three rollers but otherwise identical to the renowned PREDATOR! 65, this machine is recommended for all schools and all clubs up to national level. 

 Choice of scrum pads 

Optional - four pad 'KIWI' style configuration - favoured by several of the game's leading coaches. 
Four pads are spaced to accommodate either senior or junior age players. 
Suitable for all ages and abilities. 
PREDATOR! Phoenix (trade in your rhino roller) 
To buy or for more information Tel: +44 (0)1769 573 706 
All Prices displayed exclude VAT and delivery 
PREDATOR! Phoenix (outright purchase) 
To buy or for more information Tel: +44 (0)1769 573 706 
All Prices displayed exclude VAT and delivery. 
An Optional Heavy Duty PVC cover is also available for an extra £250 
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