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Safety Inspections & Service Requirements for Scrum Machines  

Richter Engineering is a company with more than forty years of history as manufacturers of all types of scrum machine. 
It has always been our policy to reduce the cost of ownership of our products to the minimum, and we have designed machines that require no routine 'professional' attention. 
All Predator machines are very robust; galvanising is used to prevent decay of critical components. All moving parts are fitted with a grease nipple for lubrication, so that the only routine maintenance required can be carried out by any mechanically-minded individual with an ordinary grease gun. 
If replacement parts are required eventually, these are readily available and can be fitted easily by any competent mechanic. 
Owners of any scrum machine should be aware that there is NO statutory requirement for these machines to be inspected for mechanical safety. 
Safety inspections are a matter to be decided between the owners and users of the machine, their collective conscience, and their insurers. 
It would be proper for the club to appoint one individual to take charge of the scrum machine. He should carry out a periodic service and inspection of the machine and make a written record, signed and dated, of his actions and observations, and obviously seek appropriate help if repairs or replacement parts are required. 
With the current wave of vandalism experienced by many clubs, it would be appropriate for a designated individual to declare and sign that the machine is complete and fit for use before each training session. 
Richter Engineering are ready to discuss maintenance issues at any time and can carry out any work required, either on site or at their works. 
Some companies attempt to peddle Annual Service Contracts, based on a pretence that a ‘Safety Certificate’ is a legal requirement. It is not. 
A maintenance and inspection checklist can be downloaded below: 
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